Do you sometimes have trouble shutting down your mind at the end of a busy day?

Now, imagine a peaceful environment and comforting sensations to ease into deep, refreshing sleep.

Relaxation Into Sleep is a soothing relaxation product — professionally produced by Jan Kiener, Licensed Massage Therapist — that can guide you into restful sleep through imagery and music.

Jan Kiener is a national lecturer in the fields of massage and relaxation and the author of articles for publications including Massage & Bodywork Magazine and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Examiner. Her professional relaxation program has been featured by Delta Air Lines.

Relaxation Into Sleep is now available for immediate download online — in MP3 Audio format (audio only) and MPEG4 Video format (audio with relaxing visual images).

“In the treatment of insomnia, relaxation techniques have been used to reduce cognitive and physiological arousal and thus assist the induction of sleep as well as decrease awakenings during sleep.

Autogenic training (methods of self relaxation) consists of imagining a peaceful environment and comforting bodily sensations.”

Integration of behavioral & Relaxation Approaches
into the Treatment of Chronic Pain & Insomnia.
National Institute of Health, Technol
Statement Online, 1995 Oct 16–18

Play time — 21:34

MP3 Audio — $1.50 USD
Download file size: 20.9 MB

MPEG4 Video — $2.00 USD
Download file size: 96.0 MB
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

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